John Black


Different Types of Hunting Knives

A top quality hunting knife is a must for many if not all hunters. When it's about hunting, this tool comes in handy not only for hunting animals and for the game's preparation but even for other tasks such as chopping or cutting of trees. For you to ensure that you have a more adventurous and interesting hunting experience, you have to choose the hunting knife you have to buy, making sure that it's sharp and that it has the right kind of blade. When it comes to choosing the type of knife, there are several factors that you have to consider. You would likely come across several types of hunting knifes can make it a taxing task. It helps if you know the different types of knives and these purposes of each of them.

Types of Hunting Knives
An outdoorsy man would know the different types of popular hunting knives and their purposes. The most commonly used types are the following:

Fixed Blade Knives
These are the most popular ones that can be simple and sturdy to use. Its blade goes all the way to the handle and it is known to be more durable and sturdier compared to the folding types. This knife is also easier to clean and even if this used for hunting any type of game, it is better off used when hunting for larger games. The fixed blade knives don't have parts that move and they can't be folded. It usually comes with a sheath that can be attached to the belt.

Pocket Knives
This type of knife is compact and it can be folded. It can also be used for different tasks that are related to hunting such as gutting and skinning as well as for cutting tree branches and ropes. Some of the pocket knives may be equipped with some other tools like scissors, bottle openers, and corkscrews.

Lockback Folding Knives
These are small and more versatile knives that have a locking action which holds blades in a certain position while it is open. This feature prevents the knife's blade from injuring the user while he or she is skinning or gutting the game.

Hence before you buy a knife, first of all you have to figure out on your own how you are going to use it and what purposes would the knife serve. There may be times when you need more than one kind of knife especially when you hunt quite frequently.